All you have to do...

... is drive the truck..

When it comes to your mobility, you have come to the right place. MAN Service ensures that your vehicles - trucks and busses - are available and in working order, so that everything runs like a clockwork for you. But it is not just about you mobility. It's more about your capacity to you customers, lower costs for administration and the fleet, for better investment security and less risk. In short: It's all about you succes. At MAN Service, we will provide you a good security net.

Our Service Organization is there for you and covers the whole of Europe, including mobility service Mobile24 and Genuine Parts service. We offer you solutions that are tailored to the requirements you set, so you archieve an efficient and economical management of service and maintenance. And all of these services, you can use througout Europe without having to use cash when you have the RepairCard or the even more comprehensive Service Card.